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As you can see, we can produce virtually any type of design, with as many colours and stitches as required.

We provide the following embroidey and printing services.


Embroidery is where an image is sewn into a garment or material. The advantage is that it gives a high class look that will last the lifetime of the garment. It is suitable for small to large quantities. Within reason the number of colours does not affect the price. A set up charge is made on the first order, dependant on the size of logo. Text only designs are usually free of set up charges, for orders of 12 garments or more.

Screen Printing

This is a process where coloured inks are used to create a permanent image. The cost increases with the number of colours, as each colour requires a separate screen. Suitable for quantities of 20 or more, which can be made up of mixed garments.

Thermal Transfer (Cad/cut)

This is a process where a cut out transfer is heat pressed onto the garment. Ideally suited to small orders and individual numbering of football shirts etc. Can also be used to print photographs onto shirts using special transfer papers.